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John Landaker

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My name is John Landaker. I am a consultant dedicated to providing, through our Institutional Synergy Program, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, successful, responsive, flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient assistance to institutions, and/or to individuals, in postsecondary and corporate education. Whether you are a vocational school professional, or specialize in corporate training, the education climate shifts frequently without much notice. You must comply with new complex regulations, many of which are confusing and difficult to meet. In today's regulated educational environment, substantial compliance is the only way to insure continuation of your business. For individuals interested in starting an educational service, there are significant hurdles to overcome the least of which is designing your educational program. State regulations, accrediting standards, Title IV requirements all converge on you the owner to know what and how to proceed. We can partner with you to let you run your school and let us take care of the paperwork.

Whether you are a new non-degree or degree school or an established degree or non-degree school we can assist you in the development of proposals and applications for state licensure/approval; development of applications for national or regional accreditation, program assessment and review; preparation for site reviews, curriculum development for academic disciplines including learning outcomes assessments; review of curricula for certificates, diplomas, and degrees through the level of doctorate, internal review and assessment of administrative structures, personnel evaluation, and recordkeeping; review of student files, admissions procedures, transfer, and completion of graduation requirements; development of enrollment agreements; and strategic planning.

If you are starting a new private or proprietary degree or non-degree school or have an existing school in need or re-licensing or re-approval, the time needed to prepare the documents could be better spent in developing your curriculum or marketing plan. We help you in obtaining state licensing/approvals and regional or national accreditation in a cost and time effective manner; we assist you in maintaining records and approvals; compliance with regulatory statutes and accreditation standards; finding financial aid alternatives; and developing recruitment, marketing, and governmental programs.

Perhaps you need other services such as curriculum development, new programs, retention plans to name a few. Approvals and Accreditation offers many services for the postsecondary school sector to help your school provide competitive educational products to the adult learner. For specific details, click on the menu links to the right.

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What is a Private or Proprietary School?

"Private schools are generally 'not-for-profit' institutions run by private individuals, foundations, or corporations. These days, such schools offer not only non-degree vocational training, but also bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and even Ph Ds.

Proprietary schools are generally 'for-profit' institutions run by private individuals or corporations. These schools offer the same programs as private schools.

In the last decade, enrollment in not-for-profit and for-profit post-secondary schools has grown by almost 60 percent, to about 365,000 students. According to a study of the Education Commission of the States, the number of two-year not-for-profit and for-profit colleges has risen by 78 percent, while the number of four-year for-profit and not-for-profit colleges has jumped by a whopping 266 percent.

Years ago, such students might have enrolled in the local community college. Today, however, many students view private and proprietary schools as a faster and more flexible alternative. The schools are designed to accommodate people with families, jobs, or other responsibilities."

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